Monday, 4 August 2014


The non pretender/
The speak my mind with intent to offend offender…

I love me a good rabble rouser.

We don’t have enough of those in the music business, seeing as everyone is tryna get liked. But not these dudes. Nope. These are some fokn bois and dey na give a damn you hear?

It gets worse...

 First heard Wanlov on a gorgeous Kweku Ananse production and whilst his flow didn’t particularly stay with me, I took note. Soon, the internets were a-buzz with news of a ghanian duo who were causing quite a stir with their work. I looked it up and much to my delight, got a scandalized as was promised.

You were warned.

From making songs like this to creating the 1st ever Pidgin musical (apparently), these guys simply don’t care what you think. 

I remember questioning their intent. Why were they so effing offensive? Was it simply a gimmick? Shock-value for the sake of it? Cause that’s some Lady Gaga ish and I am not here for that. Then, one afternoon a few weeks ago, a guy who looks suspiciously like Mensa’s brother sent me this link.

BRKN LNGWJZ is essentially the Fokn Bois manifesto. Wanlov and Mensa lay themselves out for us in 6 minutes, over a simple, drum-heavy, synth-laced track. Using sometimes jocular, sometimes serious metaphors, they succinctly answered my questions without explaining themselves. Their chaotic, here-we-are-now-deal-with-it personas are absolutely fascinating to watch. It also helps that they know what they are doing so their legitimacy as artists is not drowned out by their larger-than-life personalities.

The best thing about them though is the number of question marks I’m left with every time I encounter any of their work. They fire synapses that are not sparked by anything else.

I LOVE this track.

Do you dig them or is it all a little too much for you? Let me know.


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