Tuesday, 12 August 2014

No school like the lost school

Friends, Crush by (the now defunct) Zhane is the most beautiful thing I had completely forgotten about.

Like completely...

My friend Ambi recorded 25 seconds of the chorus from the radio a few nights ago, and sent it on whatsapp with the words, “remember this?” The flood of emotion that washed over me on hearing those notes for the first time in almost 15 years… man.

Thanks again Channel O for the childhood schoolin'...

From their final album, Saturday Nights, Crush is about love and trepidation. And this song captures all of it perfectly. We've all been there. You dig a human, you think the human might dig you back but you really can’t be sure. It’s the strangest, most excruciatingly sweet sensation. The angst of it all is tinged with the warmth of the epic heart boner you have, whenever you see this person.


Accompanied with stunning visuals (which seemed to be a thing about Saturday Nights, check this other one out ) crush is a definite classic that reminds us of the supremely underrated talent that was Zhane.

So much great forgotten shit from the 90s man, don't you think?

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  1. Mine's SWV's Rain.
    I found this "The 90s R&B Group Pyramid of Excellence" that you will like (if you haven't seen it already). http://www.complex.com/music/2014/06/90s-female-r-and-b-group-pyramid-of-excellence

  2. Thanks a bunch for this Vay! Very cool. I haven't even heard of some of these groups. And SWV's "Rain" is a winner. One of those rare songs that are a hit but never quite loose their flavour :)