Monday, 28 July 2014

Three is the magic number

What is it with Kenyan artists and railway tracks? :)

Kiu bless us this morning with Mwanake, a sugary sweet ode to boys we like (Idris, this one is for you bae!)
Mwanake and I. Our love is for the ages. Praise.

Most of today’s music is full of smoke and mirrors so it’s incredibly refreshing to run into artists who are actual sayngers. You can hear the youth in these girls’ voices but make no mistake, they got it. If they don’t get sucked up by the hype beast, we can expect really good things. And those three part harmonies? Mad goosies. Mad ones.
Apologies if you have acute trypophobia...don't look up me...

Here’s 5 other shiver-inducing three-part harmonies which Kiu would be wise to study keenly…

Brownstone (acapella)- If you love me

Jade- Don’t walk away

MKS- Caught in a moment

King- The story

Destiny's Child- Game Over

Have I forgotten any?
Share your favourite 3-part harmonies below or on twitter?
Happy Idd to all my Muslim peoples J


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