Friday, 2 May 2014

As it turns out, Hip Hop is alive and well.

In Detroit, USA at least.

I read this tweet at around 1 pm today.
"My boy" here refers to the one and only Idris "Big Driis" Elba who isn't the best rapper but gets a pass on account of sex-bo-bombness. Sue me.

It’s 4.05pm now. I am still on Clear Soul Forces’ Soundcloud getting my mind blown.
Pretty too :)

These dudes are a refreshing revelation. If you doubted it, you can now be certain that hiphop is going through a revival. Praise!

Hailing from the embattled motor city aka The D (also home of the late, great Dilla, Eminem and swoon-inducer Black Milk), these four, young African-American men are bringing poetry back to rap. CSF feel like a weird hybrid of little brother and a young ATCQ but their vibe is way grittier. Understandably so.

The most remarkable thing about them is their hunger. It is palpable. They want it more than anything and as a consequence push themselves, with amazing results. Tracks like get no better and Beats, Rhymes and life are a lesson in lyrical dexterity. But these are the kinda cats who you are almost certain  will change once they blow up… a la Kendrick and them. You almost want them to keep bubbling under just so the texture of their work stays uncontaminated, but that would be selfish. Exciting, young talent like this needs to be shared far and wide.

Have a listen to and let me know your thoughts.
If you dig it, keep up with them on Facebook and twitter.

Let me get back to listening.



  1. I just got sent this, fits right in with this vibe!

  2. This is gorgeous Dan. Thanks a ton for putting me on this. However I feel that while they are certainly in the same genre(very urban), this vibe feels way more mellow to me. CSF feel decidedly more gritty. Or maybe it's because I know their background story? Vibewise, they sound like a slightly hungrier Diamond District crew? Check this out