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 noun \ˈsȯŋ\
: a short piece of music with words that are sung
: the act of singing
: a series of musical sounds that are produced by a bird or an animal (such as a whale)

To double-offering Thursdays. Hear, hear.

No. 1.

Remember my friend DanDan who bakes divine banana bread and  properly put me on ATCQ a few months ago? Well, he's responsible for this one as well. Also, he's my boyfriend now.
I gets mine son.

The track is by Japanese house-god Towa Tei.

Yeah, I didn't know of him either till around a week ago.
Why don't you have a listen first....

So, this isn't my natural soundscape. I'm a bass girl. I like to feel the music somewhere very primal. But dudes, this is just so smoooooooooth!

Granted, it does sound a little dated (came out in 1994), but good is good, even if it's 130 years old, as we've seen.
And that video....
Towa Tei has such an undeniable cool factor. And in the midst of all the garish synths that have come to define today's electronica, sweet little chords are such a breath of fresh air.
I'm really liking this and I'm gonna go crate digging for sounds of this era. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

His new album. Lucky (2013) is out. See if you like it.


Still a result of being in the constant company of DanDan.
This is a well-known song I hadn't heard in eons that I was pleasantly surprised to hear on his kitchen playlist. (He can't cook without music. Weirdo.)

It feels like it's been in every rom com. Turns out it's only two. Or at least wikipedia says so.

Oh, and it's about Nicole Scherzinger. Still wikipedia. She is in the actual video though, so it might be true.

Once again, it is a bit dated and a little bit cheesy on account of all the rom coms it's been used in, BUT, it just feels so freaking good.
It makes you want to drive somewhere on a warm afternoon.

And that lovely reggae skank on the guitar works perfectly.
This song can sort out a bad day if you let it.

I think I'm at a place where I'm gravitating towards actual songs with chords and melodies and harmonies and intelligent song writing. There's not a lot of that on the radio right now.

If you have a good song that's actually a song, please share on the comments or on twitter @karingaringa or on facebook


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