Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Bonita. Bonita. Bonita.

Chairman of the board/ the Chief of affections
You got mines/ to sway in your direction...

My friend DanDan let me raid his hard drive last weekend. He's pretty awesome, DanDan is. He makes bad beats and bakes bad cakes. He really does. His banana bread is straight fire. DanDan is taste maker literally and figuratively :)

Ok, enough of that.

DanDan has incredible music and I stole some. Among my booty was A tribe Called Quest's debut album, People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990).

Love long album names.

Now, confession time: I had never really listened to ATCQ before last weekend.
Don't eat me.

I don't know why. I mean, I had listened to few singles, "Can I kick it?", "Stressed Out", "Against the world" etcetera, but no albums.
I know. Sacrilege. I have no defense.

I have already taken steps to remedy my wrongdoing and let me tell ya, I am remorse personified. If for nothing else, for only now discovering the gem that is "Bonita Applebum".

I had heard the reference several times. Everybody from Jay Z ("Bonita Applebum, I gotta put you on. If I didn't when we cuttin' the feeling would be too strong") to PM dawn (Christina Applegate/ you gotta put me on) have used it. So naturally, it was among  the first songs I gravitated to when I played the album.

Being that I just might be the last person to discover ATCQ, I am still quite jazzed by how simple and melodic their flow is. It's like nursery rhymes. Very simple flow. But what makes it really sublime is that these brothers' content is intelligent. That juxtaposition is most enjoyable to listen to man.

The content of the song itself is basically the slickest, most ninja macking I have ever heard. Q tip is charming as hell here and I doubt there's a lot of girls who wouldn't respond to respectfully being described as "extremely desirable". Mind you he does looks a bit lecherous in the video :) Regardless, the song is charming and if I wasn't a toddler in 1990 and Q tip told me to put him on, I probably would.

With much aplomb.

The lines flows nice yo, what can i say?

The little magical touch in this track though was the vocal chatter that was in the background as Tip rapped. Tiny element that would have made all the difference if it wasn't there. Reminded me of the vocal chatter in Marvin Gaye's "What's going on?" which also happened to give that song the uniqueness it has, in my opinion. (Anybody have that album by the way? soundscribe.email@gmail.com)

The production was spot on. Simple boom-bap and some killer samples,my favourite being Mathar by the Dave Pike Set. Same sample was used in The Fugees' "Killing me softly" as most of you will realize.

Basically, the song is perfect. It's my song of the week. That's a thing now. I just decided that. What's your song of the week? Hit me up on the comment section or on email or on twitter, @Karingaringa_

Quite psyched to listen to low end theory which i hear was their baddest album. Will let you know how that goes.


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