Thursday, 9 January 2014

Lufthansa Music

Today’s jam is 130 years old.

By jam, I mean piece of music that I really, really like. No disrespect meant to all classical music enthusiasts. And really… 

So we can still call it a jam.

It is the flower duet from the French opera, Lakmè by Lèo Delibes`. (Dudes, are you wondering how I’m putting that accent mark on the all the letter Es? Because I didn’t even look it up on help. I just figured it out and it is giving me very cheap thrills J )

Here it is. (Warning: You might get a little light-headed at about 0.38)

I’m sure this music isn’t unfamiliar to you. That’s cause British airways used it in an ad back in the day. I had originally thought it was (the now defunct) Lufthansa when I heard it earlier in the week. Remember Lufthansa? That airline that was in all the European magazines at the dentist’s office when you were a kid? No? Maybe it was just me then.

Anyway, aside from being appropriated by a giant airline, this piece of music has also been used in a bunch of films. You’d see why that would happen though, cause it is such a lush, evocative composition. It gives one a sense that they are floating above everything. An aerial view of life so to speak. Maybe that’s why the BA used it! Ha! Clever buggers!
There is a melancholy to it though. I find that’s the case with a lot of classical stuff. Always has a tinge of sadness. Like Halle Berry’s face. There’s an underlying sadness in all that beauty. 
Don't cry, Halle. :(

And thanks to Hollywood, classical music also carries an air of creepiness to it. Noticed how it is the music the rich psychos kill to, in a lot of movies? J Ridiculous.
I didn’t hear that in this piece though. It was so airy and yet full of substance. Good God those sopranos can sing! I dare you not to sing along and for a second imagine you sound exactly like them.

The song itself is about going to a river with flowers or something. It could be about different envelope shapes for all I care, it is simply divine.

Do you have any classical stuff you like? Share in the comments or on twitter @KaRingaRinga.
Also, look out for this week’s mix that will feature the songs we talk about. Will upload the sound cloud link on Sunday.

It’s lunch time. I am going to make a sandwich to this song, serve it with a garnish( read tomato slice), drink water from a wine goblet and pretend  I’m on a Lufthansa plane to a Budapest.
Cheap thrills.


P.S. Happy Birthday Steve!

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  1. As it turns out, Lufthansa is NOT defunct. Oops :)
    Simply means my dream is achievable. Hurrah :)