Friday, 21 March 2014

Are you worth your weight in gold?

I found Favela on YouTube when I was looking for a Kaytranada mix on a hot, boring afternoon a few weeks ago.

As it turns out, it was my lucky day.
The cover art was shot in Lake Victoria..No, not really :)

Easy yoke is the single (from the 3-track EP with the same title) that I stumbled upon and it hasn’t left me since. It is a heavenly manifestation of the 21 year old’s observations on a loved one’s preoccupation with material shit. At least that’s what it sounds like to me.

It starts with melancholic, celtic–sounding violins that are backed by even moodier synths. His voice is that of a kid who grew up listening to (and likely mimicking) a younger (and cooler) Coldplay. God I miss the old Coldplay. Don’t you?
Para-para-para- what?

He writes from a rather hopeless place. One can tell that his world view is pretty grim, particularly for a guy his age. You know these kids who see the world a little too clearly and are unable to shield themselves from all of it? Yeah, he sounds like one of those.

“…Your diamond crusted necklace surely looks the part
But it's hanging all too heavy around your broken heart…”

Strangely though, this isn’t one of those songs that will leave you feeling blue, despite all its blueness. I have never been able to understand songs like these. Sad but infectious. Weirdly enough, “sad but infectious” could describe almost all of Cold play’s earlier stuff. Songs like clocks and them. I really think this kid was a Coldplay fan. Will try and find out for y'all. He's so mysterious this one.

I really hope we get to hear more from him though. Look out for his stuff. Download his EP “Easy Yoke” on Band Camp or listen to it on his Sound cloud.



  1. "..Are you worth your weight in gold, when you take oyur necklace off yourself.. " gets me everytime i listen to it.

  2. Right? What is the fibre of your fabric? :)